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From love and passion for Sailing

The idea of creating Old Sailor brand came to us at the end of 2015, while we were looking for the perfect yacht charter for our trip with friends. We were hoping for true adventure, without compromising our safety and comfort. Not long after that, in 2016, we created our brand, Old Sailor. It’s a guarantee of attention to every detail of your stay. We want to make sure our guests will stay comfortable while experiencing amazing adventures in our beautiful District of Mazury.

Antila 26CC

Our yachts are the guarantee of great quality, safety and comfort. Antilla 26CC yachts were built in Radom by well-experienced specialists from Antilla Yacht Shipyard. This specific model was awarder many times for its design. Its unique build ensures unforgettable experience while in water and exquisite comfort during sailing. Also because for the finish in our yachts we use materials of the highest quality.

The Marina

Our yachts are waiting for you at the Port Royal in Giżycko, next to the Luczanski canal from the Lake Kisajno side. It’s a perfect localisation for both shorter and longer trips. Closed structure of the marina creates a peaceful environment, giving a perfect shelter from the city. On the site you can find all necessary amenities: car parking, toilets and bathrooms. On request, we can relocate our yachts to marina of your choice. Please contact us to arrange that.

Brand Ambassadors


Antila Yachts

Antila Yachts, our mother-Shipyard, is a heart of Antila, recognised by its highly qualified staff.

Antila Yachts shipyard guarantees the highest standards on the market.


It could be you!

Do you love sailing? Can you feel the Old Sailor factor inside you? Do you like what we do? At Old Sailor we believe our best ambassadors are you – sailors full of passion. Would you like to find out more?


It could be your company!

At Old Sailor we believe in good reletionships not only with our clients., but also with our partners.

Our Partner Programme offers you as much as possible.


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