From love and passion for Sailing

The idea of creating Old Sailor brand came to us at the end of 2015, while we were looking for the perfect yacht charter for our trip with friends. We were hoping for true adventure, without compromising our safety and comfort. Not long after that, in 2016, we created our brand, Old Sailor. It’s a guarantee of attention to every detail of your stay. We want to make sure our guests will stay comfortable while experiencing amazing adventures in our beautiful District of Mazury.

With our brand, we want to honour sailors and their passion.

At Old Sailor, we approach our tasks and challenges in the same way sailors are approaching their passion: with commitment, perseverance and bravery. Every day od sailing becomes an inspiration for us and our designers. Old Sailor Yacht Charter commits to provide the highest quality of services, comfortable and award-winning boats, created in the best shipyards in Poland.